'Crónicas' ICPNA Printing 1966 - 2010 Lima Peru


In my hunt for printmaking in LIma I am being rewarded big time. Last week I had the chance to head over to the Instituto Cultural Peruano Norteamericano and take a look at a show titled Cronicas. This is a fantastic show highlighting the ICPNA's print collection from 1966 to 2010. The gallery itself is quite large with one section of a wall open to a water feature. I first I thought the sound of the water would be distracting but in the end the waterfall adds a calming soundtrack to the gallery. The show is laid out in chronographic order as the title of the show would suggest. Starting with award winners from 1966. There is also a great timeline explaining the history of printmaking at the ICPNA. The show has a bit of everything as far as print matrixes go; lithos, woodcuts, etchings, and screen prints. I was particularly drawn to the works of Toño Nuñez, Álex Ángeles, Jesús Rojas, Martin Moratíllo, Marco Alburqueque, Erik Antunez De Mayolo, and Carlos Del Rosario of the many many printmakers whose work was on display(examples below). Certainly look forward to seeing more shows in this space.